Insufficient progress on salt reduction following PHE reports, BMA warns

Responding to a report by Public Health England¹ which shows that there is still not enough progress being made by the food industry to meet reduced salt targets, BMA board of science chair, Professor Dame Parveen Kumar, said:

“This report highlights how current efforts to reduce salt intake across the population are still insufficient and there is clearly a need for stronger action, including regulatory backing to meet targets. The variation in the progress on reducing salt is simply not good enough.

“A concerted effort is required which should include a standardised approach to food labelling through mandatory traffic light labelling, and comprehensive nutritional information so consumers can make more informed choices.

“The BMA has for a long time been calling on the Government to prioritise ill-health prevention and this is just one part of the widescale transformation necessary to improve diet-related ill health.”

1.       Public Health England Salt Targets 2017 progress report.

2.       BMA briefing paper on diet and obesity can be found here.



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