Local authority support in England and Wales to deliver wellbeing

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Message from the What Works Centre for Wellbeing:
The Centre for Thriving Places has produced the Thriving Places Index. It’s an important tool that can help local authorities and communities understand wellbeing in their local context. We continue to work with local authorities and community organisations to support them with evidence-informed responses to maintain wellbeing and reduce loneliness in the current situation.

Today, the Centre for Thriving Places have launched the fourth annual Thriving Places Index (TPI) – a framework which measures how well 363 Local Authorities in England and Wales are delivering the conditions for wellbeing. 

The Thriving Places Index takes an asset-based approach to measuring the drivers of wellbeing and consists of a broad set of indicators from datasets produced by established national data agencies such as the Office for National Statistics and the Index of Multiple Deprivation. These indicators are arranged into headline elements – local conditions, sustainability and equality, domains and sub-domains which reflect this asset-based approach.

More information covering the data used to inform policy and the insights it can provide, the complex relationship with local factors, the assumptions about locations/places and what this could mean about policy are detailed here ..Read blog

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