Teaming up to make CPD easier

ClinOwl and OpenAthens join forces to help HCPs find the most relevant, trustworthy research

Medical research is progressing at an ever-increasing rate; the last ten years alone have seen countless transformative advances. This has never been more evident than during the COVID-19 pandemic, with the development of innovative new treatments and the repurposing of existing therapies for the benefit of patients globally. The internet makes all this research readily available for healthcare professionals (HCPs), with specialist journals for every conceivable field of study. However, in times when healthcare professionals are pushed to their limits, finding the time to trawl through research to find relevant developments can seem impossible. So how can we help make the process as easy as possible?

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The sheer quantity of papers being published can make sifting for relevant research challenging. This is compounded by the number of different journals, publishers and platforms on offer, all publishing research targeted at different specialisms. Often, medical conditions will overlap different specialties, requiring HCPs to be up to date on a number of different areas. Research from one area can also have applications across many others, as we are seeing with COVID-19. All of this requires medical professionals to be able to find relevant research from a wide range of specialties.

HCPs often work more and longer shifts than contracted, leaving little time for reading. They must keep up to date, not in the least to satisfy Continued Professional Development (CPD) requirements of their respective professional bodies. It is therefore vital that finding the most relevant research is made as quick and easy as possible.  

New technology is making drastic improvements to patient care. Digitalisation of patient records, analysis of data and real time reporting are all helping to make HCPs’ lives easier. Learning should not be any different, and with the rapid progress being made in data management and machine learning, giving medical professionals access to comprehensive, relevant and trustworthy research at their fingertips is possible, and should be a priority. One such organisation aiming to do just that is ClinOwl, a free content discovery platform for HCPs and medical researchers which curates the latest articles from leading medical journals into a single portal.

The easy to use platform collates medical research from multiple peer reviewed sources, ensuring access to trustworthy, high-quality research which spans all areas of study. Users can then filter articles by specialty and sub-specialty to quickly find the most relevant papers. This facilitates the learning needed to keep on top of the latest developments, help patients and advance the careers of ambitious HCPs. The ClinOwl COVID-19 resource hub is proving particularly popular at the moment with over 14,000 clinical research articles searchable by important keywords.

ClinOwl recently announced that it has teamed up with OpenAthens to allow seamless transition from the ClinOwl portal to access articles in full on publisher sites that support OpenAthens institutional access. OpenAthens users will now be able to use ClinOwl to more easily stay up to date and are able to access additional functionality and personalisation, such as bookmarking and personalised suggestions.

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With ever more information available to HCPs, it’s more important than ever that they find the most relevant and high-quality research to refine and improve their knowledge base to best treat their patients. ClinOwl and OpenAthens have recognised the benefit of each other’s platforms and, by combining access, are improving the learning process. Login to ClinOwl with your OpenAthens credentials or create your own free account today.

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