– 3 in 4 millennials embark on a sober night out once a month

– Half of millennials cut back on drinking to save money

– Breakout rooms named the top sober night out activity


Across the UK cash-strapped millennials are calling for cheaper, more inventive nights out that don’t rely on alcohol.

New research by motoring solicitor specialists, Motoring Offence Lawyers, has lifted the lid on the most popular themed nights out and the top reasons for socialising sober.

Of the 1,002 British adults surveyed, 74% of millennials claim to embark on a sober night out at least once a month, with half of respondents listing money-saving as the top reason for not drinking.

Almost a quarter (22%) of 25 – 35 year olds now profess to not drinking at all.

1 in 5 (19%) of young adults said they prefer to go sober to allow them to drive home at the end of the night instead of forking out for a taxi.

Meanwhile, 43% enjoyed being hangover-free the following morning, and a further 34% claim to enjoy taking a night off drinking for the health benefits. 22% also said that going sober reduced the risk of making poor or embarrassing decisions.

The survey revealed millennials’ favourite sober activity to be breakout rooms (29%), followed by a round of crazy golf (27%), and board game nights (25%).

Matthew Miller, managing director at Motoring Offence Lawyers, says: “Money is tight for the younger generation, but this doesn’t appear to be putting millennials off making the most of their downtime.

“By removing booze from the equation, they have more cash to spend on the quality of their social activities and we’re therefore seeing a rise in the popularity of active socialising such as breakout rooms and crazy golf.

“It’s interesting to see so many choosing sobriety to avoid making poor decisions. This may well be a side effect of today’s unforgiving social media scene capturing every mistake and giving it a permanent home online.

“The growing popularity of these activities would seem to suggest a nostalgia for childhood games and puzzle solving. Perhaps today’s young people are looking for an escape from frantic modern day life and a throwback to simpler times.”

According to the research, 28% said they actually prefer a sober night out to one spent consuming alcohol.

Top 10 sober social activities:

  1. Breakout Rooms – 29%
  2. Crazy Golf – 27%
  3. Board Game Nights – 25%
  4. Cinema – 22%
  5. Concert – 18%
  6. Bowling – 12%
  7. Hipster Bingo – 12%
  8. Video games – 9%
  9. Themed dinner party – 7%
  10. Theatre – 5%

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