The Together Book Project.

This project involves the compilation of a book comprising a collection of human experiences and stories related to the COVID – 19 pandemic from across the globe to be sold in order to raise money to support movements and front line services that are combating the virus.

While many countries are slowly lifting lockdowns, the risk from the virus is nowhere near over. Thousands of cases are still being registered in the United Kingdom and tens of thousands globally.

The book’s authors Dev Aditya & Dr Pauldy Otermans have funded the production of the book with the sole purpose of donating all the profits from sales to fund these movements and front line services. In the United Kingdom this will mean supporting the NHS, which will be the major beneficiary of all funds raised while ten percent will be donated monthly to a selected non-UK organisation that is in need of resources to continue its work.

To pre-order the book go to   

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