TrueCue supports NHS Digital, with the launch of Neighbourhood View

Dashboard will provide the public with means to track the moment of COVID-19 amongst communities in England

NHS Digital, in partnership with TrueCue, has created a new dashboard that will allow the public to track the progression of COVID-19 throughout communities in England.  

Currently in Beta stage, the Neighbourhood View dashboard brings together coronavirus triage data, combined with coronavirus cases, to show the latest trends, numbers and rates of coronavirus across each  Middle Super Output Area (MSOA), in England. The MSOA map lets people see cases within incredibly small areas – as little as 7,000 people. The advantage of presenting the data in this manner, means a person can freely access and search any postcode for information about a neighbourhood and understand the presence of the virus in that area.

Data is presented up to the most recent week ending five days before the current calendar date. Data is refreshed daily and displays the most recent 10 weeks of information, and is based on:

  • the number of people with coronavirus identified through an NHS lab or from commercial swab testing.
  • triage of coronavirus symptoms through NHS Pathways by calls to NHS 111 and 999 and through NHS 111 online (this is the count of triages, not a count of people).

TrueCue, in partnership with Goldman Sachs and Aire Logic, worked directly with NHS Digital to design the dashboard. This included creating the underlying methodology determining a persons’ neighbourhood, known as Middle Super Output Area (MSOAs), from their postcode, and then relating that to the postcodes of MSOAs around them. Doing this will allow users to understand the impact of the virus in a particular area. TrueCue also undertook the direct build of the Tableau dashboards and visualisation models, which are used to ensure key facts and information are displayed to the public in an informative yet digestible manner.

Commenting on its involvement in the project Tim Archer, Analytics Director at TrueCue says, “Throughout the crisis we’ve seen the need for advanced analytics at every turn – from the daily briefings to media reporting on the pandemic. Inherently, this awareness has transcended to the public; people have become much more data literate. Because of this, we need to provide the public with instant, readily accessible information. The creation of Neighbourhood View does just that.

“The data available within the dashboard is based on publicly information data. Centralising this into a single platform means the public now have instant access to information, enabling them to understand the presence of the virus in a particular area. We’re confident this will make a seismic difference to communities right across England.”

The Neighbourhood View project was led by Alistair Bullward, Product Owner for Open Data and Dashboards, Profession Lead for IAS, at NHS Digital and will work tandem with the NHS Track and Trace service, helping the public to understand the prevalence of the disease in an area and the surrounding neighbourhoods. To preserve anonymity figures are only shown for neighbourhoods, that have had three or more cases or triages that week.

Access to the Neighbourhood View dashboard can be found here:

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