UK spends over £17bn on smoking each year

  • £46,759,000 spent on smoking on a daily basis

New research by the health insurance comparison website,, has revealed just how much money the UK spends on smoking, every year.

There are currently 7.6million smokers in the United Kingdom, smoking an average of 11.5 cigarettes each day.

Therefore, based on the average price of a pack of cigarettes, which is £10.70, and the average number of cigarettes smoked on a daily basis, this equates to £17.06bn being blown on cigarettes, every year.

The annual price of smoking in the UK could buy over three-billion clean water tanks for schools in the third world, or fund the NHS for over four years.

With the government’s recent proposal to raise the price of cigarettes to £20 by 2020, in an effort to encourage people to quit, this figure could rise to £87.4m being spent on smoking, every single day.

This means that, by 2020, £1,048,800,000 could be going up in smoke on an annual basis.

Steve Pritchard, Founder of, commented: “In light of the astonishingly large sum of money the UK could be saving on smoking on a yearly basis – not to mention how much this figure could rise to in coming years – now’s the time to try and kick the habit. Many people use Stoptober as the starting point to quit smoking, so we urge smokers to do their best to abstain from cigarettes, not just in October but forever.”

Further statistics and imagery can be found on’s website.

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