Wellbeing at the heart of the 2020 Spending Review?

By adopting a wellbeing approach to public policy we want to create the conditions for us all to thrive; and to meet our needs to feel safe, loved and fulfilled. This is not the job of the public sector alone but their role is an important one. Nancy Hey, Executive Director at the Centre

Impact“The success of spending decisions is measured by their impact on people’s lives.” 
Chancellor Rt Hon Rishi Sunak MP

There are good questions about whether the policies and spending outlined in the spending review will or will not be the right choices. Here, we focus on some of the technical aspects of the spending review that will help us to understand whether we will know if they are.  Read more
The Green Book review – what do the changes to government appraisal mean? The review of the Green Book highlighted problems and assumptions made in implementation. In particular, that the strategic case is often not strong enough and not holistic enough, tending to default to impacts that can be monetised. These monetary benefits can be unrealistic, unrealisable, based on unclear levels of confidence and not informed by evidence, which also makes the process unclear – we agree with this.  The review also recognises capacity issues in implementing the process at all levels, not enough evaluation of ‘what works’ to inform them and little consideration of equalities issues. This includes not taking into account the context of different places, and crucially for them, the people who live in those places. Nancy Hey, Executive Director and Deborah Hardoon, Head of Evidence at the Centre.Read more

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