What does ‘good’ look like for the UK’s future?

.What we need now: wellbeing at the heart of the recovery

The OECD has identified three ways wellbeing can inform recovery planning:Identify pre existing vulnerabilities to target support, especially socioeconomic disadvantage.Highlight areas not previously on the government’s radar, for example: isolation.Build resilience in systems, including social capital and trust.Professor Michael Marmot – author of the landmark 2010 Marmot Review, and the recently updated version – goes on to identify five areas to focus on for a wellbeing-centred recovery:Invest in early child development and education – because the effects of children not being in school will have large and long last effects, particularly on the most vulnerable children. Improve working conditions – particularly for the drivers, delivery people, cashiers, frontliners, social carers that all our lives depend upon. Have proper job security and training systems – we know that having a job is vital to our wellbeing, over and above the income that work generates.Secure income – a minimum wage that is sufficient for people to live on.Secure healthy and sustainable places to live and work – particularly as more people work from home changing the way that we think about public space, our homes, city centres, and how to bring people together.Read more
This week’s What Works for Wellbeing Centre blog is from our Head of Evidence and Analysis, Deborah Hardoon

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