What puts people with minority ethnic heritage at greater risk of loneliness?

Courtesy and respect

The findings confirm that being treated with less respect because of ethnicity, religion, and ‘being a migrant’ also increased people’s likelihood of feeling always or often lonely.

Not belonging

A sense of belonging protects people from feeling always or often lonely – 67% of survey respondents who felt they didn’t belong to their community said they were ‘always or ’often’ lonely, compared to just 16% who felt they did belong.

This week’s guest blog is from Olivia Field, Policy and Engagement Manager for the British Red Cross and Co-op partnership that seeks to tackle loneliness and social isolation across the UK. They recently published  Barriers to Belonging: An exploration of loneliness among people from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds…


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One Reply to “What puts people with minority ethnic heritage at greater risk of loneliness?”

  1. Greetings.
    This is an excellent article. I found it via researchgate.
    It chimes very much with the work and lectures I have been delivering over 12 years, concerning the understanding of Eldership (globally) and with the African Diasporal population.
    Definitely, I have always said that racism is a significant factor, in determining the health of that community (and others of colour).
    I would like to speak to someone from the editorial, as to how I might develop the concepts and ideas concerning the power of the elder.

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