citizenAID urges everyone to download its free app


citizenAID was distressed to see the events in London unfolding yesterday and its sympathies go out to all those involved in the attack. citizenAID would also like to take this opportunity to praise the emergency services for their response to the event and the sacrifices that they make each day to keep the public safe.

citizenAID is an app and pocket guide that has been developed to advise members of the public on what they can do in the aftermath of a multiple casualty incident to keep safe and provide vital first aid for the injured people around them.

citizenAID has been set up by a team of senior clinicians with civilian and military experience and is a part of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Charity. This military experience has been gathered during recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan and has been the basis of the information provided in the guide. For more information please see

Professor Sir Keith Porter, co-author of citizenAID, said “On behalf of citizenAID I urge everyone to download the free app (available on iTunes and Google Play) and familiarise themselves with the information on it. The app gives people the information that they need to keep safe in the immediate aftermath of a multiple-casualty incident and shows them how they can help to save the lives of the injured people around them.”

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