The crisis in social care


Former government policy adviser, Adam Pike, has laid out his wish list for politicians in the run up to the General Election. Adam co-founded the revolutionary online home care business, SuperCarers, having experienced first-hand the pain caused by the failing social care system. Building on the recommendations of the Dilnot Commission on Funding Care in 2011 and the King’s Fund Barker Commission, Adam outlines his priorities below:

1. Individuals should be given state support once they have spent £35,000 of their own money on care, not be forced to lose their entire life savings

2. Individuals with assets of less than £72,500 should not have to pay for their care. Despite accepting this recommendation, the government have failed to deliver on it

3. People diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease should have their care paid for by the state. It is not fair that people with dementia have to pay for their own care while people with cancer do not

4.  There should be a single protected budget for health and social care and they should be commissioned together. People are living longer with more complex diseases that require co-ordination, the health and social care system needs to respond

5. Everyone should have the option of a personal budget so they can take control and have choice over their care

The UK’s care system is at breaking point. It has forgotten about people: The people who receive care; the people who pay for care; the people who provide care. In response, SuperCarers is calling for the public and politicians to take their care pledge online. The pledge has already been signed by Rt. Hon Paul Burstow (former Care Minister), Alan Rosenbach (former Head of Strategy of the Care Quality Commission) and Richard Humphries (Senior Fellow, Social Care, King’s Fund).

By signing the pledge, SuperCarers hopes the collective voice will demand that all political parties include the above points in their election manifesto and commit to the long-term reform of social care. You can sign up online at  

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