Delayed Police Checks Potentially Costing Thousands of Jobs

Disclosure and Barring Service

Applying for that fulfilling job as a midwife or teacher? Then be warned, you could potentially lose out on your dream role especially if you live in London, according to uCheck, who carry out Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks. The infographic by uCheck shown below reveals just how long a DBS check – a criminal police check that is mandatory for people wishing to work with children or vulnerable adults – takes to be processed across the UK.

Londoners looking to start their new role might need to hold fire as they wait on average 109 days to get clearance. Mayday Healthcare PLC – a nursing agency which provides medical and healthcare jobs in London – reported they have been affected negatively by the Metropolitan Police Force’s DBS turnaround times and disclosed they have four members who have been awaiting their certificates for six months, and one applicant who withdrew his application completely due to the long turnaround time.

 Nurses or childcare workers looking for a role in Dorset or North Yorkshire also have the right to be concerned, with Dorset Police taking 58 days to complete DBS checks and North Yorkshire Police taking 28 days. But if you live in Norfolk, Guernsey or Northern Ireland, police typically take 3.1 days or less to perform their checks, leaving potential employees to get on with the job in hand.


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