Ending discrimination in Mental Health. Conference and Live Broadcast

Mental health

Ending Discrimination in Mental Health, Conference and Live Broadcast “Turning the Crisis Tap Off”,
Thursday 13th October 2016, Amba Hotel Marble Arch, Bryanston Street, London, W1H 7EH.

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Black African Caribbean Men are up to 6.6 times as likely to be admitted as inpatients or detained under the Mental Health Act as the average population. It is one of the deepest and most discriminatory social failures of our education, social, health and criminal justice services.

  • Early Intervention for Prevention – through schools
  • Ending CRISIS management of BME mental health
  • Education and awareness of culture and mental health among staff
  • Education to avoid staff stereotypes and presumptions of what behaviours mean
  • Prevention and diversion through reskilling the workforce – Attitude Shift
  • Make this a priority (create an imperative not to ignore and to embrace change)
  • Influencing the community, creating a user voice, reducing fear in BME groups of statutory services
  • Reducing Police involvement in a health issue
  • Influencing national policy through budget oversight, monitoring and creating an observatory correlating evidence and data
  • Influencing through first adopter programmes in pilot authority areas
  • Creating funding incentives and key budget pools in commissioning to cross sectors from public and third sector, and reduce duplication and improve effective use of resources
  • Creating specialist skills services for high level forensic support
  • Reducing dependency of “bed” and “pharma” containment
  • Building transformation capacity and knowledge – a professional centre – of what works
  • Provide evidence of the “social value” return on investment and the impact on cost base for commissioners
  • Develop personalised services and budget options

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