THE FITTEST CITIES IN THE UK. Liverpool named the fittest city in the UK – Sheffield named as the least fit

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LIVERPOOL has been named the fittest city in the UK following new research into fitness levels across the country.

A survey of 2,000 UK adults carried out by training and course provider, found that scousers workout more than those in any other city in the UK with as 71% of locals claiming to exercise at least once per week.

Manchester and London followed in second and third place with 66% and 65% of each cities residents hitting the gym at least once a week.

Oxford came in fourth place, with 62% of locals exercising at least once per week, while 59% of those in Leeds do the same, completing the top five.

The research found that Sheffield was the least active city in the UK, with just 19% of residents sporting their trainers and exercising at least once per week.

Plymouth and Birmingham followed closely behind Sheffield, with just 22% and 24% of locals working out weekly.

As well as activity levels, the survey also quizzed respondents on their consciousness about what they eat.

While 77% of Liverpool residents claim to be careful when it comes to their diet, it is in fact Manchester which leads the way in the nutrition stakes as 85% of locals said they are careful about what they eat.

Simon Bubb, managing director at Be a Better You commented: “What I find interesting from the research is how we’re seeing such big variations from city to city.

“I am partly putting the fact that bigger cities such as Manchester, London and Liverpool boast higher fitness levels down to accessibility. For example, the main UK cities are home to more gyms, personal trainers, classes, and boot camps etc. so it’s likely this will impact on peoples’ motivation to get fit.”

The UK’s Fittest Cities

  1. Liverpool
  2. Manchester
  3. London
  4. Oxford
  5. Leeds

The UK’s Least Active Cities

  1. Sheffield
  2. Plymouth
  3. Birmingham
  4. Glasgow
  5. Edinburgh

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