• Over 1.8 million people in UK have it, but two in five people (43%) with psoriasis are afraid to go outside for fear of being judged
  • Over one in 10 won’t go on holiday (14%), or to the gym (14%) and more than one in 20 won’t go out to meet friends (7%), due to the physical and emotional impact of the debilitating condition
  • Furthermore, 50% of people admitted they feel embarrassed to talk about their lifelong battle with psoriasis and a quarter (26%) feel stuck in a helpless treatment loop with limited options

THE autoimmune skin condition that affects nearly one in 50 people in the UK[1] has knocked the nation’s confidence, according to new research.

In a poll by Philips Healthcare*, a shocking two in five people (43%) who live with psoriasis revealed the condition has lowered their self-esteem, put up a social barrier and stopped them from going outside.

The chronic disease – which appears as raised, red patches on the skin – is having such an emotional impact on Brits that more than one in 10 sufferers refuse to go on holiday (14%), or to the gym (14%) and more than one in 20 won’t go out to meet friends (7%).

In fact, 50% of people surveyed admitted they feel embarrassed to even talk about their psoriasis, while the majority (75%) simply turn to creams in hope of a quick fix.

Despite 60% of Brits currently suffering from or having suffered with a skin disease at some point during their lifetime[2], when visiting their GP, some of those with psoriasis revealed they feel stuck in a treatment loop (26%), not a priority (23%), frustrated (15%), ignored (16%) and believe their GP is clueless (14%).

Expert dermatologist, Professor Cherio said: ‘The poll highlights not only the social stigma of the condition, but also the limitations individuals feel when faced with treatment options. It is concerning that 1 in 10 have never tried anything at all and I can only assume this is due to a lack of awareness around psoriasis.

Studies continue to show that treating the disease is your best bet to improve your quality of life and reduce the risk of developing comorbidities[3].’

Prof. Dr. Matthias Born, Director Clinical & Scientific Affairs and Principal Scientist at Philips, says: ‘Psoriasis complicates millions of daily lives and disrupts countless relationships. For this reason, Philips Light Therapy team set out to create a world-first treatment for psoriasis sufferers to give them back control of the condition. Philips BlueControl enables users to manage symptoms at home and on the go.’

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