Jamie Oliver gets long overdue recognition for public health role

Picture of jamie oliver

Celebrity chef and health campaigner Jamie Oliver has been recognised by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) for his contribution to advancing the cause of public health in the UK. The award for Outstanding Contribution to Championing the Public’s Health was announced at the RSPH Awards 2016, the UK’s premier national health and wellbeing awards event, held at the Royal College of Surgeons in London on 27th October.

Jamie Oliver received the award in recognition of both his high profile campaigning on childhood obesity and the on-the-ground community work of his Food Foundation. Jamie’s campaigning has been widely credited as having been key in pushing the government to introduce the sugar levy on soft drinks, a key pillar of action to tackle childhood obesity recommended by many public health organisations, including RSPH. Meanwhile, the Food Foundation’s Ministry of Food Centres have seen great success in getting people in communities across the UK passionate about healthy food.

Jamie Oliver is also featured talking about his work on childhood obesity in RSPH’s new film, Championing the Public’s Health, which was premiered at the award ceremony. The film is a collaboration with ITN Productions which takes a topical look at current public health challenges and initiatives. See the film here.

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