MacMillan Cancer Support responds to cancer survival rates

Macmillan cancer support

Responding to cancer survival rates published today Friday 16 September, Lynda Thomas, Chief Executive of Macmillan Cancer Support said:

“It is great news that these figures today show that – thanks to better treatments and earlier detection – more people are surviving cancer in both the long and short term. For example, more than 8 out of 10 (81%) women diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 are estimated to live for at least a decade [1]. But of course, surviving is not necessarily the same as living well, and too many people with cancer miss out on the support they badly need once treatment has finished.

“The trauma of a cancer diagnosis and treatment affects every individual differently, with some suffering from depression while others will contend with fatigue and chronic swelling resulting from treatment. Whatever the situation, it is rarely easy, and that‘s why it is essential for everyone to be given a package of support that is right for them as an individual.

“While today’s figures are to be celebrated, they should also act as a warning that as the number of long term survivors increases, we will need a health service that is able to cope with this increasingly complex situation.”

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