Macmillan Cancer Support responds to Carers UK’s report Pressure Points

Macmillan cancer support

Responding to Carers UK’s report Pressure Points, Charlotte Argyle, Carers Support Programme Manager at Macmillan Cancer Support, says:

“This report highlights the urgent need to support carers in the community and ensure they are included and consulted at every stage and through every process of their loved one’s care. Our new research shows that a quarter (25%) of cancer carers say they were not involved when planning how and when the person with cancer would be discharged from hospital.

“Not involving a carer in this process can leave them and the person with cancer feeling unprepared and unable to cope. More often than not a carer will have a unique understanding of the person they care for. They must be fully involved so they know what to expect and what support is available to them.

“We want to see carers treated as equal partners in the team caring for someone with cancer, listened to and included. Currently more than half don’t view themselves as a ‘carer’ which can mean they miss out on support and are not included in vital decisions about the person in their care. Identifying cancer carers is the fundamental first step to ensuring they are heard.”


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