Macmillan Cancer Support response to Cancer Patient Experience Survey (CPES)

Macmillan cancer support

Today NHS England released breakdowns of Trust and CCG level data for the Cancer Patient Experience Survey (CPES) in England (NHS England press release). Macmillan Cancer Support estimates that over 100,000 cancer patients in England are failing to receive a care plan of support after diagnosis. Dr Fran Woodard, Executive Director of Policy and Impact at Macmillan Cancer Support says:

“While on the surface cancer patients are having a good overall experience of care, a closer look shows there are still concerns. It is deeply worrying that more than half (54%) of cancer patients are failing to receive a care plan which sets out their treatment and could include information on potential side effects and where they can get vital support”

“It is also a concern that estimates suggest over 100,000 people may not be being told about the long-term side effects of their cancer treatment, and therefore may be unaware of debilitating side effects such as heart conditions or incontinence, and have no guidance on where to get support.”

“The results suggest that there is still a one-size-fits-all approach to cancer care and a lack of personalised support, with a third of in-patients (33%) saying some staff didn’t ask them what they wanted to be called. It is vital that cancer patients have a good experience of care from the moment they experience symptoms, through treatment and for as long as they need afterwards.”

“Everyone with cancer has different needs. Some may require support with long-term side effects, others with mental health issues or money worries. Everyone should receive personalised support through a care plan that is regularly updated as their needs change, so they are fully informed and can access the essential services they need.”


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