Medical charity launches web-app to help refugees find healthcare

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International medical charity Doctors of the World is today launching a website to help refugees find free healthcare.

The ClinicFinder website is the first of its kind: a mobile-web application to provide simple and clear information about free primary healthcare and medical services for refugees and migrants across Europe.

The website, designed by Daniel Yu, CEO of Reliefwatch, uses GPS location to show on a map the nearest free health clinics and what services can be accessed. It allows refugees to search by location (e.g. Berlin, Athens) and by specific service required (e.g. Children, Survivor of Violence), and it can also be used as a clinic directory for health professionals. Language options currently include English, Arabic, Farsi and French.

There are already over 70 health clinics in 16 countries mapped on ClinicFinder, and the site encourages people to add the locations of other eligible clinics (free to access, non-government provided) so the number is expected to grow substantially.

Doctors of the World is reaching out to organisations and health professionals helping refugees across Europe and encouraging them to show their patients the website and explain how it can help them as they continue their journey.

ClinicFinder was developed after Doctors of the World UK approached TechFugees, a tech community initiative focussing on solutions to help refugees, and were introduced to Daniel Yu who has donated his time and expertise to support the project.

Gareth Walker, International programme manager, Doctors of the World UK:

“A difficult journey is made dangerous when people have no idea where they can get help when they need it. ClinicFinder is designed with vulnerable refugees in mind, providing a resource for them to find the free medical help that the European public has made available. It is a map of humanitarian effort, and deserves to be shared as widely as possible”

Daniel Yu, CEO Reliefwatch:

“Like many people, I watched in horror as the refugee crisis in Europe deepened in 2015 and knew that I needed to do something. With my background in programming and as CEO of ReliefWatch, which helps organisations track medical supplies in developing parts of the world, I completely understand Doctors of the World’s aim to provide essential, potentially life-saving information to the most disadvantaged. My hope is that ClinicFinder becomes a vital extra tool for the refugees to access healthcare wherever they are or are heading to.”

Doctors of the World UK
Doctors of the World is a humanitarian medical charity whose volunteer doctors and nurses care for refugees and migrants at clinics across Europe including Greece and the Balkans, as well as the UK. It has been helping people in Calais since 2003.

Doctors of the World volunteer medics from the UK are currently working in Slovenia, in Idomeni on the Greece-Macedonia border as well as living on ferries crossing from Lesvos to Athens.

The charity is part of the Médecins du Monde network, which delivers over 350 projects in more than 80 countries through 3,000 volunteers.

In the UK, the charity runs clinics in east London and Brighton that provide medical care, information and practical support to excluded migrants and refugees.

Daniel Yu
Daniel Yu is the founder and CEO of Reliefwatch, a platform for organizations in the developing world to track supplies through basic mobile phones. Daniel developed the idea behind Reliefwatch while living in Sinai, Egypt and northern Jordan where he witnessed availability issues for basic products. Prior to founding Reliefwatch, Daniel worked as a programmer and attended the University of Chicago where he focused on International Studies and Arabic.


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