Midwifery; not just numbers

Midwifery training Sierra Leone

More than 3,000 midwifery training course places will be created over the next four years as part of plans to meet NHS staffing demands.

However, this plan isn’t as simple as recruiting thousands more students as they requires the infrastructure to support them. We need more tutors, more on-site resources and perhaps more importantly, more mentors  and capacity in placement areas – which currently are under immense strain. Not only that, currently numbers of applicants are being put off by lack of funding and we have seen a drop in applicants.

Regarding a named midwife,  this has been in every maternity report since  Baroness Cumberlege’s  ‘Changing Childbirth’ report in 1993. Whilst small pockets of midwives do run this form of Midwifery to expect every midwife to be on call 24/7 for nine months is not really practical or feasible.

Alison Edwards- Senior Lecturer in Midwifery at Birmingham City University


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