Mobile device usage increasing in healthcare, but patient use not being optimised, says Qmatic

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New research highlights that while healthcare institutions are employing mobile devices, they’re not taking advantage of use for both staff and patients

Recent research has revealed an increased adoption of mobile devices in the healthcare sector, with 90% of healthcare organisations stating that they plan to implement or are currently implementing a mobile device initiative. While these statistics are encouraging to see, patient journey management specialist, Qmatic states that healthcare organisations aren’t realising the full potential of mobile device usage in patient waiting areas.

The research – which interviewed 600 healthcare IT decision makers across the world – highlights that mobile devices are most commonly used in nurse’s stations and administrative offices, with 72% and 63% respectively stating that the technology is currently used in these situations. However, mobile devices are least being used in patient waiting areas, with only 38% employing the technology in this situation.

Vanessa Walmsley, Qmatic UK MD said: “While it’s great to see that healthcare IT decision-makers are realising the benefits of mobile devices for both staff and patients, many are missing out on additional efficiency gains and increased patient satisfaction through implementing mobile device initiatives for patient waiting areas.”

Healthcare managers can significantly improve the experience of patients at outpatient departments and in waiting areas by enabling them to use their mobile device to check-in for a pre-booked appointment or select a walk-in service such as phlebotomy and join a virtual queue. This technology eliminates the friction of patients having to wait in line to see a receptionist and reduces staff pressures and gives patients information about where to go and which clinician to see, efficiently guiding patients to the right place and ensuring that they are fully informed about the status of their appointment.

Vanessa added: “Not only does this kind of use of a mobile device save precious time for the user, it also provides staff with key information so they can prepare for the patient’s appointment, and delivers valuable data to healthcare authorities to help them adjust their operations in real-time to match patient numbers.”

Qmatic offers Mobile Ticket, a solution that enables patients to simply open a web app, or scan a QR code if they prefer, and receive all the details they need regarding their appointment.

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