New smart-phone app could prevent emergency hospital readmissions

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International leaders in patient experience measurement and data capture for healthcare improvement, umotif and the Picker Institute, have partnered to create an innovative new healthcare product. The digital platform supports patients to better manage their own care – used effectively it has the potential for reducing hospital readmissions rates and improving emergency services in the process.

The light-touch tool, has been designed for patients to use post-discharge, independently and with minimal clinician guidance or involvement.

Following a simple invite and registration process, patients are empowered to track their own care experience, including everything from symptoms, recommended treatments, medication schedules and even a photo and text led progress diary.

Having access to this library of data captured, supports patient confidence, and encourages people to ask more questions about their care journey. During follow-up treatment, it enables transparency and open communication between patients and healthcare staff. Preventing any confusion around medication instructions and enhancing the potential for shared-decision making.

In addition to the patient empowerment benefits, questions designed by the Picker Institute, who are leaders in feedback tool development and measurement, allow healthcare teams to specifically ask patient experience related questions. This data can then be downloaded and collated into digestible reports, and channelled into future service improvements.

Highlighting the value of the collaboration, Philip Stylianides, Group Director at the Picker Institute said; “If you consider that 41% of people were not told key medication side effects, when discharged*, you can begin to see why avoidable emergency hospital readmissions are costing the NHS an astounding £1.6 billion per year* and rising. Understanding someone’s patient experience is essential for teams’ to learn the strengths and weaknesses of the care they provide. umotif are leaders in healthcare data capture, who share our passion for improving care quality and we are delighted to be working with them on this opportunity.”

Speaking ahead of the launch Bruce Hellman, Chief Executive of umotif said; “Active, engaged patients are more likely to comply with their treatment plan and therefore less likely to be readmitted. Forward-looking healthcare organisations understand the value and importance of a data-driven approach to the measurement, delivery and improvement of services. Our tool allows staff and patients to truly understand and evaluate the care provided, and we are incredibly proud to be partners with the Picker Institute in such a necessary and innovative initiative.”

Trusts’ interested in using the tool, will receive a consultation, highlighting key features and ease of use, after which, the programme can then be tailored to the needs of individual organisations and services. Whether that be Oncology, Cardiology or Respiratory care, the features can be shaped to fit the cohort, need and condition measured. Delivering effective and useful data that can make a substantive difference to the quality of care and level of experience that a healthcare service can provide.

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  1. Creating a truly digital NHS requires both investment in the latest apps and wearables alongside a rigorous security policy to give patients and healthcare professionals complete assurance that their data is secure.

    This is a bold initiative from our world class health service and one which will undoubtedly provide more personalised and efficient healthcare to millions, but there are inevitable risks around privacy and security which must be tackled from the outset.

    With apps becoming ubiquitous in our daily lives, hackers are increasingly seeking to exploit coding vulnerabilities to steal identities and personal information. That’s why it’s vital that our NHS ensures approved apps for both patients and professionals are thoroughly tested and secure to enable confidence in the service’s digital journey.

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