Improving Hospital Care

Hospital care

Barnsley Hospital is only the second in the country to implement the Perfect Ward app, an easy-to-use app which has a big impact on quality by simplifying ward assessments as part of hospital care. Perfect Ward is an app designed for nurses, which aims to improve organisation, precision and diligence and, ultimately, care of patients in their wards.

The app allows users to log checklists of jobs that need to be completed, as well as provide transparent feedback as part of the overall hospital care program. This allows doctors and nurses to roll the multitude of small but essential tasks they have to complete on a daily basis into one platform – a minimalist, easy-to-understand app. This data can be instantly collated, allowing management strategies to be tailored to statistics rather than through trial and error.

Before Perfect Ward was introduced at the Trust ward assessments were paper based which meant nursing staff had to take time to write up their findings. Using the Perfect Ward app greatly improves this process; the app is easily accessible for staff, the method of storing information is structured and easy to analyse. Users are able to add photos and comments where appropriate, there is no need to write up information as it is all stored on the app.

All photos and information are transferred immediately onto a secure server and are never saved on the user’s device, ensuring that it is a completely confidential system. For further details, see: (

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