NHS Confederation responds to today’s NHS statistics

The NHS Confederation says that new figures released by NHS England on 13th  August 2015 reflect pressure across the health service and the crucial need for a ‘whole system’ response.

Dr Johnny Marshall, policy director of the NHS Confederation, said:

“The health and care system is dealing with increasing demand in an ongoing period of change and financial restraint that stretches back over the last five years. The subsequent strain on the NHS is written all over these statistics.

“Our members and staff across the whole service are working hard to ensure that patients continue to receive world-leading care. They are running services whilst making improvements to the way they deliver care to keep up with changing demand. This is a task that will take at least five years to complete and we recognise that more needs to be done – in health, in social care and in public health and prevention.

“Organisations across the country are working on new models of care that better join up health and social care for people in the community. This is better for patients and will, in time,  support hospitals in reducing demand and in discharging patients safely so they spend no longer in hospital than is necessary. The only way to achieve this is through solutions that embrace health and social care services across the whole system. Pressure felt in hospitals is often a consequence of pressures in community and social care services.

“There is a pressing need to improve the experience of care for older people. At the NHS Confederation we are working with our members and health experts to identify the best ways to improve urgent care for older people. If we can get this right we can look to improve patients’ experiences and ease the pressure facing hospitals across the country.”

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