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The results of NHS England’s latest Staff Survey 2017 are “challenging”, show that staff cannot absorb further work pressures, and show that investment is needed in health and social care services, according to NHS Employers chief executive Danny Mortimer.

“Employers in the NHS have been anticipating worsening results from this most recent survey and sadly their concerns have been reflected in the outcome.

“The country needs to take these challenging results seriously. We cannot expect staff to absorb additional work pressures year on year without it having an adverse effect on their experience of work.  A long-term solution to sustainable investment in the NHS – and other vital public services – is clearly required.

“It’s disappointing but understandable that staff are less satisfied with the standard of care they are able to provide and that they are feeling more stressed.

“I am however encouraged that staff continue to be willing to recommend the NHS as a place to be cared for.

“The fact that more staff feel their managers and organisations support their health and wellbeing is positive and is a result of longstanding efforts by employers to address workplace health issues. The increasing focus on supporting staff through mental health issues is clearly having a positive impact and we are keen to share the lessons learnt from the NHS with other employers.”

* The NHS Staff Survey 2017 was published by NHS England on 6th March, 2018.

* Of the survey’s 32 key findings, 21 have worsened and 11 have improved in 2017 compared with 2016.

* Questions about staff satisfaction are valued on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being “strongly disagree” and 5 “strongly agree”.

* Participating staff are asked 30 mandatory core questions, with the option to answer more questions on patient experience, health and safety, leadership and development, and values. Staff in ambulance trusts have a separate optional questionnaire on patient experience.

* The Staff Survey has been conducted every year since 2003.

* Staff taking part in the survey are informed that their responses for the survey are treated with confidence, and that no one in their organisations will be able to identify individual responses.

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