Rapid access to information is key to cutting costs in the NHS

The hiatus is over. The Treasury has made it very clear—the NHS has to make tough cuts, now. And the coalition government is demanding clinician-led decisions in order to minimise the impact on the quality of front-line service delivery. Good in theory, but without rapid access to cross-functional informatics, clinicians are powerless. Today’s mass of siloed information may enable reporting on prescriptive targets, but it provides limited insight into performance variations or the cost of service delivery.

There is no time to develop a data warehouse, no justification for the required capital expenditure in an era of significant organisational consolidation, and no guarantee that such a development would deliver the required clinician-led insight.

As Paul Fitzsimmons, managing director, MedeAnalytics explains, a pay-as-you-go Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) analytics approach is the only answer to delivering rapid access to the cross-functional information needed by clinicians to make effective, performance-led decisions.

Real Cuts

Despite the clear demands for massive public sector cuts, many within the NHS have spent the last few months hoping that healthcare spending could be ring fenced or at least protected from the worst of the austerity drive. But as the Treasury has now made clear, cuts are expected – up to 30 percent for primary care trusts and 20 percent for acute trusts. And with significant PCT consolidation on the cards and the rise in GP commissioning groups, failure will not be tolerated.

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