Six in 10 managers back junior doctors ’ strike

A snap survey by the Institute of  Healthcare Management (IHM) has revealed that six in 10 healthcare managers  (58%) back strike action being taken by junior NHS doctors in England, with  more than four in 10 (43%) saying they ‘strongly support’ it. A third (33%)  said they opposed the action.

 IHM, which represents almost  3,000 health and social care managers at all levels of the health service  across the UK, surveyed members on the day of the first of three planned  strikes (12 January 2016), receiving more than 300 responses.

 When asked whether managers  should join the strike to support junior doctors, the majority (70%) said no,  with two in 10 (23%) in favour.

 Shirley Cramer CBE, Chief Executive of IHM, said: “Although  the junior doctors’ strike may give healthcare managers a headache in the short  term, it is notable that a majority of our members are supportive of the  action, suggesting junior doctors have legitimate concerns that need to be  resolved. This situation is symptomatic of an NHS in which managers and  clinicians alike are being asked to do more with less, and Government  investment is failing to keep pace with the increasing strain it is being put under.

“It is vital that the Government  and the BMA get back around the table to resolve this crisis and avert the  prospect of more damaging industrial action. However, in the long term, it must  be recognised that the NHS is simply not sustainable without significant  further investment to keep existing vital services safe and in preventive  efforts to lessen the ever growing demand for them.”



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