“The social care shortfall is edging ever closer to a full blown crisis” – commentary from Nick Sanderson, CEO, Audley Retirement Villages

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Nick Sanderson, CEO, Audley Retirement Villages said:

“The social care shortfall is edging ever closer to a full blown crisis and we now find ourselves in a situation where underfunding is at such a critical point, the quality of care itself is falling. It is right that we discuss the issues and focus on solutions that look at prevention as well as cure. Clearly people prefer to be at home as they age, rather than in a nursing or care home, no matter what their age or care needs. But despite David Mowat MP’s laudable aims, it is unrealistic to expect families, many of whom live far from their parents, to take on full support for aging relatives.

“There may be no ‘final answer’ on how we deal with the rising costs, but we do know that high quality housing options with flexible care available is a model that works. If there were more options which allowed older people to continue to live in their own homes, but bring in support where needed, it would go a long way to improving quality of life and delaying hospital visits in the first place.Making those decisions and moving early enough has the dual purpose of reassuring families, and taking pressure off the state system. In the long-run, meeting the increasing demand for this kind of housing this will undoubtedly reduce costly intervention.”

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