Sounding the alarm about the NHS budget


Pressure is rising to force the Chancellor to announce an increase in the NHS budget in the Autumn Statement. According to a new TUC poll published in October, seven in 10 (69%) NHS workers say that reductions in staffing and resources are putting the quality of patient care and clinical standards at risk.

The YouGov/TUC poll of 500 NHS workers also reveals their view that:

  • Services are under greater pressure than ever before: 9 in 10 (88%) NHS staff believe the health service is under more pressure now than at any time in their working lives;
  • Resources and staff have been stretched:  Three-quarters (77%) of NHS workers think resources and staffing in the NHS have gone down in the past five years;
  • Patient services are being cut: 6 in 10 (60%) of NHS staff say their employer has cut patient services to make financial savings;
  • The NHS should get the promised £350m extra a week:  8 in 10 (79%) say that Vote Leave’s campaign promise of £350m for the NHS should be kept.

The poll is part of new joint report, NHS: Warnings from All Sides, published by the TUC and the NHS Support Federation.The report finds that over the last twelve months there has been an unprecedented wave of organisations flagging up significant concerns about the growing crisis in the NHS. The fifteen groups sounding the alarm include Royal Colleges, trade unions, health experts and the government’s own Mental Health Taskforce.

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