The launch of WeMa Life: Connecting health and care providers with consumers

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On 27 February 2018, WeMa Life officially launched its online marketplace and app, which aims to connect care in the community.

For the vast majority of people, there is nothing more important than their health or their loved ones’ wellbeing. However, while so many aspects of our day-to-day lives have benefited from the proliferation of new, easy-to-use and affordable technologies, the world of healthcare has almost been left behind.

Fortunately, the growth of the Global HealthTech Market in recent years has started to change all that. New digital solutions are emerging that make it easier for people to manage or improve their health. And WeMa Life has been created to help drive this movement forward further still.

WeMa Life’s multi-service platform offers benefits to both consumers and businesses. For people seeking health, care and wellbeing services – either for themselves or someone close to them – WeMa Life makes it easy to source, book and pay reputable providers.

Services available through the online marketplace and app include: social care; domiciliary care; nursing; domestic help; personal care and hygiene; massages; yoga and Pilates instructors; nutritionists; physiotherapists; personal trainers; and more. Users can book one-off and on-going sessions, as well as services from multiple providers in one transaction.

From young people wanting regular fitness sessions to people in their 50s responsible for looking after elderly parents, WeMa Life has a broad appeal. It also has significant benefits for individuals needing to arrange care before or after clinical treatment, removing stress and complexity from an already difficult situation.

Meanwhile, the tools available through the online portal and mobile app enable businesses to improve the management and delivery of their services. As well as opening them up to communities of potential customers across the nation, WeMa Life lets health and care providers roster staff, arrange appointments, communicate with customers, accept payments and enhance efficiency.

WeMa Life is a family business; it was founded by myself, the COO, along with my parents Rajal Patni (CFO) and Rohit Patni (CEO). We were inspired to develop a tech-based solution after experiencing first-hand how difficult it is to find and book reputable healthcare providers for an elderly relative.

What’s more, research commissioned by WeMa Life to coincide with its launch, which was carried out independently among more than 2,000 UK adults, showed just how common these experiences are and therefore how great the need is for new digital tools to take the pain out of booking health, care and wellbeing services.

Our study found that 15% of UK adults currently act as informal carers, each spending on average 13 hours a week taking on duties such as cooking, cleaning and caring for someone close to them. More than half (53%) say the role has had a significant emotional impact on them, with 30% falling out with friends or family because of tensions around their responsibilities. Furthermore, 46% find it difficult to source suitable providers and two thirds (66%) want to see an online solution to make it easier to source and book healthcare services.

Empowering individuals to better manage their own is at the heart of WeMa Life’s proposition. But, as stated, the multi-faceted HealthTech solution also stands to improve how healthcare professionals – from individual, self-employed carers through to businesses providing wellbeing services – can connect with new and existing customers.

WeMa Life is constantly seeking new service providers to join its platform – to find out more or to register interest in doing so, click here.

Vivek Patni, COO and co-founder, WeMa Life

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