What makes the places we live, work and socialise in better for our wellbeing?

Key findings

  • Community hubs – Community hubs can promote social cohesion, by bringing together different social or generational groups; increase social capital and build trust; increase wider social networks and interaction between community members; and increase individual’s knowledge or skills.
  • Neighbourhood design – Changes to neighbourhood design can positively affect sense of belonging and pride in a community.
  • Green and blue space – Green and blue space interventions that provide the opportunity to participate in activities or meetings can improve social interactions; increase social networks social interactions and bonding and bridging social capital; increase physical activity and healthy eating; improve community members’ skills and knowledge.
  • Reducing barriers – Interventions that  provide a focal point, or targeted group activity, may help to: promote social cohesion between different groups; and overcome barriers that may prevent some people (in marginalised groups) from taking part.


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