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In response to the news that the government is launching a care homes website, Stephen Burke, Director of Good Care Guide, said: “We welcome transparency in care. Families need as much ‘live’ information as possible when choosing care. That’s why we launched Good Care Guide in 2012.

“But we question why the government is setting up a care home website when there are review sites in existence and the Care Quality Commission and NHS Choices already publish much of the data. Local authorities also have a duty to provide information and advice about care.

“Good Care Guide is an independent site that enables families to review childcare and eldercare that they use. Good Care Guide covers every care provider in England, Scotland and Wales, not just care homes. The site enables older people to choose between care homes and home care services. It also enables families to choose childcare services like nurseries, nannies and children’s centres. We work closely with CQC, Ofsted and care regulators in Scotland and Wales to ensure that families choosing care can access inspection reports as well as reviews and other information about care providers and what to look for. Good Care Guide has had well over two million visitors and thousands of reviews.

“We know from reviews left on Good Care Guide that many older people and their families are not happy with the quality of some care homes. Government would do better to fund care properly and support CQC to be more robust in its regulation of care homes. Care is in crisis and the government is yet again trying to divert attention from the real issues of funding and staffing.

“It also has it’s own widget, please see – https://www.goodcareguide.co.uk/get-the-good-care-guide-widget.”

For more information visit www.goodcareguide.co.uk

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