Winter Solstice: VitalityHealth comments on the importance of sleep


As today is the Winter Solstice, Shaun Subel, Strategy Director at VitalityHealth, has commented on the importance of a good night’s sleep.

Given that in the run up to Christmas, many people are exhausted due to work events, gift stresses and travelling to see family, this comment could work nicely for an online piece or for a wider feature about the importance of rest.

Shaun Subel, Strategy Director at VitalityHealth comments on the UK’s inability to get a good night’s repose: “The shortest day of the year is upon us and despite this being the longest period of night time, too many of us still fail to get a good night’s sleep. VitalityHealth’s Britain’s Healthiest Workplace data suggests that the optimal level of being asleep is between seven and eight hours a night. People who rest less than this lose nearly five additional days of productive time each year, which can be traced directly back to their lack of time asleep. From a health perspective, people with suboptimal amounts of rest also typically have more health risks than those with adequate periods of time asleep, resulting in a reduction in their life expectancy of around three years.

“While we are improving our understanding of the importance of good sleep, effective interventions in this sphere are arguably still lacking. We have seen that healthier people sleep better, and that making healthy lifestyle choices aids good sleep. As such, we strongly advocate that people engage in healthy lifestyles as this can have a profound knock-on impact on their sleep.”


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