Primary Care Networks have potential to expand care at home, says Community Network

Responding to the new Primary Care Network and GP contract deal, Matthew Winn, Chair of the Community Network, which has been established by the NHS Confederation and NHS Providers, said:

“Primary and community health services working together will make a significant difference to the way we support and care for people. This approach is at the core of the recently published NHS Long Term Plan.

“We therefore welcome the development and funding of Primary Care Networks, working as part of local systems. They have the potential to increase the number of people being cared for at home but it is important they are configured locally and delivered in partnership.

“Community and primary care services will play a central role in supporting a sustainable NHS in the future and the resource to allow this to happen is welcome. The focus in the plan on tackling workforce shortages is key otherwise this investment will fail to reach the front line.”

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