Auriga rolls out UK Care to help patients in financial need

The finances of patients with life-changing illness, renal failure, or who are undergoing dialysis treatment are being improved by a scheme which, to date, has provided a staggering £2m in financial benefits.

UK Care – the ground-breaking scheme spearheaded by utility charity provider Auriga Services – was first introduced in 2016 to address patients’ money worries and enable them to gain the welfare and financial support that they are entitled to.

During this time, and working in conjunction with University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Trust (UHB) and the Money Advice Service, the UK Care model is now being rolled out across the UK to:

* Review patients’ income to ensure all entitlements are gained

* Enable patients to feel more in control of their lives

* Provide financial comfort and relief from financial stress

* Enable the average actual gain in income reach £5,688 per person

Mark Abrams, CEO of Auriga Services said: “The tremendous success of the scheme in delivering direct help to patients and the funding support achieved to date now means that we can roll out our UK Care model to help thousands more patients.

“By forming a funding collaboration between water, energy and network companies and Kidney Care UK, the wellbeing and multidimensional quality of life patients can gain in their social, psychological and social lives will greatly improve.”

Consultant Nephrologist Clara Day from University Hospital Birmingham says: “Of all the things that I have done for Kidney patients this service has made the most difference to patients’ lives. Working directly with Auriga has transformed the way in which we deal with our dialysis patients day-to-day.” Mark adds: “The roll out of UK Care and by integrating the service into healthcare settings, enables patients to engage and directly benefit from the free service.

“Our delivery methods for UK Care involve face-to-face advice, information sessions on financial capability, and applications to grants or trusts – a lifeline for many patients in need.

“The overall ambition is to roll out UK Care nationwide to ensure that every kidney patient in the UK has access to the help they deserve and can secure immediate benefits.”

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