Could Cannabis legalisation be around the corner in the UK?

Cannabis legalisation receives an endorsement from a cross-party trio of Members of Parliament as they arrive back from Canada. Simon Manthorpe, CEO of EOS Scientific – Britain’s leading CBD testing service –  provides his thoughts on what the legalisation of Cannabis will mean for the taboo of Cannabis-based products.

Over the weekend, a triad of British MPs comprising of Labour MP David Lammy, Liberal Democrat Norman Lamb, and Conservative MP Jonathan Djanogly have returned from a fact finding mission in Canada to see how their recent implementation of Cannabis legalisation has been managed. Although only a composite extract of the Cannabis plant, the rise of CBD use in Britain has grown at an unprecedented rate. In 2018, sales figures grew by 99% on figures set for the previous year. Then, last year, the UK saw the legalisation of Cannabis Oil to be used in medical practice via the NHS. It would seem that the movement towards a toleration of cannabis – and its composite extracts – in the UK is developing at a steady pace. Indeed, recent polling has shown that 48% percent of Britons favour the legalisation of Cannabis, doubling the constituent figure that object to legalisation.

After this weekend, it may now seem that in the corridors of power in Westminster, attitudinal changes may now be afoot too. Last year the legalisation of medical cannabis products in the UK saw a definite legal shift but was only one of many across the world. In comparison with Canada’s recent legalisation for recreational use, it was certainly only a small one. However, in terms of UK law, the availability of medicinal cannabis products marks an important step in recognising the medical benefits of the Cannabis plant. In additional, the retailing of Cannabis-based products is a growing phenomenon in the UK, but can still be shrouded in confusion. The nature of CBD products are often misconstrued, considered by some to be in the same frame as Cannabis, despite containing minimal levels of THC, the principal psychoactive component of cannabis.

Simon Manthorpe, CEO of EOS Scientific – the largest CBD testing service in the UK, has discussed the future of cannabis in the UK, with regards to its healthcare applications and commercial opportunities.

“We at EOS are of the opinion that, with specific reference to CBD, consumer and retail attitudes are already shifting, allowing space for the health benefits of CBD products aside from their link to the Class B drug. Having said that, I also believe that having parliamentary support for the legalisation of Cannabis will also help break the taboo, making conversations about the health benefits of CBD and Cannabis Oil much easier to have.

At EOS we try to remain impartial in the legalisation debate, although I personally feel that it would do more good than harm to liberalise our laws. If a regulated market can provide for a safer level of Cannabis, including more stringent testing – a field that we have a particular specialism in – then legalisation could only result positive result for the British public.”

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