Expert opinion: Chinese coronavirus and AI as a solution

“AI could be the solution to tackle 2019-nCov. By using AI to model and predict outbreaks of the virus we will get a much clearer picture of how best to treat the virus locally. With the insights AI offers, governments can accurately predict the resources needed in specific locations, identify how treatment can be improved in hotspots and, ultimately, stem the spread of the virus. By looking at geographical trends across larger areas we can also build up a picture of how it can be treated globally. 

“Deploying AI has proven successful in numerous branches of healthcare such as identifying brain tumours and improving treatments. The technology exists to combat medical emergencies. Governments have a huge amount of data that can be used in the fight against viruses, but they don’t always know what to do with it. Technology can drill down and uncover insights from the huge volumes of data they have access to.

“The reality is that with use of advanced technology, this should no longer be a mystery virus. A combination of AI, human expertise and global collaboration will be the quickest and most efficient way of ending the spread of the coronavirus.”

Mark Frankish, Data Scientist at SAS UK & Ireland:

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