Investing in Quality The contribution of large charities to shaping the future of community nursing and healthcare


A report by The King’s Fund commissioned by the National Garden Scheme

On Wednesday 15th May, Caroline Dinenage MP, Minister of State for Care, will launch a new report into the contribution of large charities to shaping the future of community nursing and healthcare in the UK.

Commissioned by the National Garden Scheme, the report focuses on the work on six well-known charities [1] all of which are supported by substantial annual funding from the National Garden Scheme. The report also explores the unique contribution of the National Garden Scheme to community nursing and healthcare since its foundation by the Queen’s Nursing Institute in 1927.

George Plumptre, Chief Executive of the National Garden Scheme said; ‘We are confident this report will make a substantial and timely contribution to the current debate about community nursing, health and care. There is universal agreement that substantial change is required; there is far less agreement, however, as to how that change should be achieved. The report’s content provides some powerful examples of what is possible by highlighting what our beneficiary charities are actually doing now.’

He went on to add, ‘At the same time the report will provide lasting, tangible confirmation of the remarkable – but little known – contribution of the National Garden Scheme for many decades, as a significant and continuous funder of various national nursing and health charities.’

After setting out the scale of the contribution by charities to community health and social care the report examines three key areas focused on by the beneficiary charities: community services; end-of-life care; and specialist care for long-term conditions which together account for a substantial proportion of community health and social care. The report then sets these three into the context of national policy.

The report concludes that we need to think differently about the strategic role that large charities can play in the design and delivery of health care.  The case studies illustrate how charities are in strong position to understand people’s needs and design services around them,’ adds George Plumptre.

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