Lords Committee explores public health advice for healthy ageing

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On Tuesday 28th January, The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee will continue its inquiry into Ageing: Science, Technology and Healthy Living by exploring the role of public health advice.

Following on from its evidence session of 5th November about the links between lifestyles throughout life and health in old age, the Committee will consider how that information is conveyed in public health advice.  The Committee will question senior representatives from national health authorities, local government, and charities to understand approaches for encouraging people to exercise, eat healthily, and reduce harmful habits.

The evidence session will begin at 10:25 in committee room 1 of the House of Lords. The witnesses include:

  • Elaine Rashbrook, Consultant Specialist, Life Course, Public Health England
  • Dr Alison Giles, Associate Director for Healthy Ageing, Centre for Ageing Better
  • Cllr Ian Hudspeth, Chair, Local Government Association Community Wellbeing Board, and Chair of Oxfordshire County Council

The second session will begin at 11:25. The committee will question:

  • Professor Maggie Rae, President, Faculty of Public Health
  • Ruthe Isden, Head of Health Influencing, Age UK
  • David Sinclair, Director, International Longevity Centre – UK

Questions likely to be asked include:

  • Is healthy ageing a public health priority?
  • What are the knowledge gaps about the effectiveness of public health interventions for healthy ageing?
  • Are regulatory interventions more effective than “nudge” interventions for encouraging behaviour change with regards to healthy ageing?
  • What are the main barriers to individuals acting on public health messages for healthy ageing?
  • To what extent is public health policy joined up across the life course, to contribute to healthy ageing?
  • What is the role of public health and other services in tackling inequalities in health in old age?
  • What will be the role of public health in trying to achieve the Government’s aim of five extra years of healthy living by 2035?


  1. The Committee session is open to the public. If you would like to attend, please go to Parliament’s Cromwell Green entrance. Or watch the session live on parliamentlive.tv.
  2. For more information on the Committee, its inquiry and the associated please visit the Committee’s webpage.
  3. The Science and Technology Committee has a broad remit “to consider science and technology”. It scrutinises Government policy by undertaking cross-departmental inquiries into a range of different activities. For more information about the committee see its website.
  4. Recent reports by the committee include Recent reports by the committee include A time for boldness: EU membership and UK science after the referendumConnected and Autonomous Vehicles: the future?, Nuclear research and technology: Breaking the cycle of indecisionLife Sciences Industrial Strategy: Who’s driving the BusOff-site manufacture for construction: Building for change and Forensic science and the criminal justice system: a blueprint for change.
  5. The Science and Technology Committee is chaired by Lord Patel. To arrange interviews or other media activity please contact Anouska Russell on 02072198535 or russellaf@parliament.uk.



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