NHS and social care are ‘in it together’, says NHS Confederation in response to Simon Stevens Expo 18 speech

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Responding to Simon Stevens’ keynote address at Expo 2018, Niall Dickson, chief executive of the NHS Confederation, said:
“The recognition from Simon Stevens that the NHS can no longer ‘go it alone’ is welcome news.
“There are real opportunities presented by the funding settlement and upcoming long-term NHS plan but to make the system sustainable we need to drive forward with new ways of providing care in the community and reducing pressures on hospitals.
“That means joining up care around people and where they live, including meaningful action on social care. It is essential the government’s social care green paper is now forthcoming.
“We must put an end to entrenched siloed working to achieve a more integrated approach to health and care. Without it, there is a danger the money promised to the NHS will not be able to deliver the change that is needed.
“Another winter is on the horizon and the NHS will struggle without an effective and well-funded social care system. This means short term funding is paramount to meet immediate pressures, as well as a long-term view for funding arrangements.
“The NHS and social care are very much ‘in it together’ and if one falls, the other will follow.. The promise of greater integration is encouraging, but will require the necessary funding to match.”

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