Stage 1 diagnosis of lung cancer increases survival rates 20x vs stage 4 Is early diagnosis the ONLY way to combat deadly cancer?

Leading cancer diagnosis technology – ANCON Medical – discusses how the only way to stem rampant cancers is to catch them early

Figures released yesterday by the ONS reiterated the importance of early diagnosis for cancer treatments. While four of the most common cancers saw a fall in survival rates, the chances of surviving some common cancers for five years or more is now around 100%. So why is it that more people are dying unnecessarily? The answer more often than not comes down to the stage of diagnosis.

5 year survival stage 1 diagnosis vs stage 4

  • Lung cancer 56.6% vs 2.9%
  • Prostate cancer 100.1% vs 49%
  • Breast cancer 97.9% vs 26.2%
  • Colorectal 91.7% vs 10.3%
  • Kidney 86.8% vs 12.4%

When dealing with serious illness, especially cancer, a fast, accurate and timely diagnosis is imperative in allowing patients the best possible chance of survival. Catching cancer at an early stage not only results in a less serious problem to treat but also leaves more options at a doctor’s disposal. Whilst research into innovative treatments and novel solutions to late stage cancers will often grab the headlines, it is likely that in future better diagnosis and screening will have a greater impact of survival rates and the current funding deficit that exists within the NHS.

Wesley Baker, CEO of ANCON Medical offers the following commentary:

“Surviving cancer is somewhat of a double edged sword – on one side we have treatments such as chemo and radiotherapy, and one the other is catching the disease early. These statistics further prove the scope for improvement when it comes to survival rates, which could save thousands of lives with proper screening and stage 1 diagnosis. It is shocking to see that so many people are still dying from diseases such as prostate cancer – nearly 12,000 a year – which if caught early is almost always survivable. It is also not only easily treatable cancers that benefit; lung cancer is 20 times more survivable if caught early, and being one of the most deadly forms of cancer this could prove vital. More impetus should be put on catching these diseases early if we are to make a serious dent in the number of lives cancer claims each and every year. ”

ANCON Medical’s revolutionary Nanoparticle Biomarker Tagging (NBT) technology allows for quick, accurate and cheap diagnosis, with 10 minutes at the point of care. The technology works by analysing a patient’s breath to detect unique biological markers that indicate the presence of cancer, as well as the stage it is at.

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