NEF’s major new report, Five headline indicators of national success: A clearer picture of how the UK is performing is published today. You can read the report at

The report proposes five headline indicators of the UK’s overall success, measuring Good Jobs, Wellbeing, Environment, Fairness and Health. The indicators have been developed using evidence of what matters most to British people.

The most recent data and trends in the five indicators show that even when things are going well according to standard measures, the public’s priorities are not sufficiently addressed by current economic and social policy-making.

For example, while the headline employment rate has increased over recent years, our Good Jobs indicator shows a decline in the proportion of the labour force in secure, decently paid jobs.

The report calls on the Office for National Statistics to adopt the five indicators as headline measures – a call which is backed by 25 organisations from across British society, including businesses, trades unions, charities and community organisations. The endorsing organisations are listed here.