Case for solution to social care crisis is clear, says NHS Confederation

Responding to an Alzheimer’s Society report calling for the creation of a Dementia Fund which seeks to break the deadlock on social care reform, Nick Ville, director of policy at the NHS Confederation, said:

“This report rightly highlights the inherent unfairness in the way many of those diagnosed with dementia are treated. Unable to receive most of their care free on the NHS, they are forced to turn to means-tested social care services. We know that following years of underfunding and with growing numbers of people needing care, local authorities often simply can’t afford to cover the higher costs of caring for people with dementia, forcing many people to use their own life savings.

“This cannot be right and provides a further reminder of the urgent need to find a sustainable solution to the social care crisis, which is seeing hundreds of thousands of people including many with dementia left without the basic help they need to live their lives with dignity and care and leaving providers in some parts of the country on the brink of collapse.

“The Alzheimer’s Society is involved with the Health for Care campaign, a coalition of 15 health organisations led by the NHS Confederation, which calls on Government to create a sustainable social care system that will last for generations. The case for a sustainable solution to the social care crisis is clear and urgent. Social care is one of the greatest challenges our country faces and the time to put it right is now. But it is important too that the approach is right.”

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