Measuring what matters – an alternative to GDP; support for local authorities.

At the end of last year, the Carnegie UK Trust published a report that offered an alternative to GDP, and a way to measure what really matters. Gross Domestic Wellbeing (GDWe) brings together 40 indicators from the ONS Measures of National Wellbeing dataset into a single figure……We found that there are a number of cross-cutting policies that would improve wellbeing across multiple domains:We heard consistently how investing in active travel across the social gradient could reduce health inequalities and form a core part of our response to the climate crisis. Similarly, we noticed a clear link between access to green space and the natural environment within our local area, and our relationships, health outcomes and personal wellbeing – an issue that has only become more salient during the Covid crisis.Increased investment in early years and family support was another cross-cutting recommendation that emerged as a way to improve outcomes relating to health, education, poverty and inequality. A range of measures were proposed to reform the social security system, to alleviate poverty and inequality, and to improve health outcomes. And we also noted the critical importance of housing across a number of the ONS’s wellbeing domains: where we live, personal finance, relationships and health Jennifer Wallace, Hannah Ormston and Ben Thurman at the Carnegie UK Trust..Read more

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