Stem Cell therapy commercialised

WideCells Group, a company in the stem cell industry, has raised £2m and is listed on the London Stock Exchange. The funds will enable the Company to develop its own stem cell storage facilities and roll out its unique stem cell healthcare insurance plan, the first of its kind globally, that enables people to cover against the high costs of stem cell therapy, to treat diseases such as cancer and multiple sclerosis. This makes stem cell therapy significantly more affordable and opens it to far more people. Notably, WideCells is backed by the founder of the UK’s leading dental payment plan specialist Denplan.

WideCells has three divisions. Cellplan, the first of its kind stem cell healthcare insurance, will deliver customers with an affordable monthly plan and access to renowned specialists and hospitals globally with financial cover for medical treatment, travel, and accommodation expenses.

Currently, despite significant numbers of people storing stem cells globally, many do not realise that treatment can cost up to £300,000, meaning it is presently only available to those with deep pockets. The Group also has two other complementary core divisions including a portfolio of best-in-class stem cell processing and cord blood storage facilities with an existing presence in the UK and Brazil, and WideAcademy which is developing an education and training division to promote awareness of the benefits of stem cell storage across the global medical community.

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